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FlipsideTshirts Newsletter Message

Date: June 15th 2007

Hello Flipside Friend!

This is the first newsletter!

Hope you all had fun at Fiestas Filipinas, I sure did. As many of you know, I only had a very small fraction of the items at the show that I sell in my shop. Each design in my shop is available on a lot of clothing from hoodies to spaghetti strap tank tops and even non apparel things like mugs and vinyl stickers so if you haven't yet, check out the shop!


To say thank you for signing up to the newsletter, here's a coupon code you can use at checkout:

Save $5 When You Spend $50 Or More! Use Coupon Code: MOTIONOPTION (Expires: Jun 19, 2007)


As a further treat for you first lucky newsletter folks, I'm also going to offer you a special direct offer. If you'd like an Adobo apron like the one I had for sale at Fiestas Filipinas I am offering them for the special show price of $17 -and- I will ship it to you for free! Do NOT order it from the website though, instead email me to say you're interested and I will email you a Paypal invoice (you can pay this with a credit card) or I will tell you how to mail me a check. Limit 2 per customer. Offer expires in June 29th. Email flipsidetshirts+offer@gmail.com


I've created a gallery of Fiestas Filipinas pictures that I or my dad took. I'm also looking for "Items in Action" shots so send a picture of you and your Flipside goodie to add to the fun! I'll also be doing random drawings for small prizes from those who send in pictures.

Here's the gallery url: http://www.flipsidetshirts.com/gallery


Well that's it for the first newsletter!

See you next time and Happy Father's Day to the Father's on the list!

~ Eileen




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